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No setup costs | No license costs | No monthly costs | FREE Integration Code with 10,000 Credits pack | You just pay a small fee per SMS | Rs. 4600/- Onwards
Plan Price / 30 Sec. Amount Tax Amount (15%) Validity Caller ID Total (Inc. Tax) Order
5,000 Voice Calls 0.50 2500/- 375/- 1 Year 1400xxxxxxx 2875/- Buy Now
10,000 Voice Calls 0.40 4000/- 600/- 1 Year 1400xxxxxxx 4600/- Buy Now
25,000 Voice Calls 0.35 8750/- 1312/- 1 Year 1400xxxxxxx 10062/- Buy Now
50,000 Voice Calls 0.30 15000/- 2250/- 1 Year 1400xxxxxxx 17250/- Buy Now
1 Lac Voice Calls 0.28 28000/- 4200/- 1 Year 1400xxxxxxx 32200/- Buy Now
5 Lac Voice Calls 0.22 110000/- 16500/- 1 Year 1400xxxxxxx 126500/- Buy Now
Looking for higher volume? Call us on +91-9696544446  * Prices are subject to change without notice. Pricing and availability may vary.

The Prices of the Bulk SMS services of the My SMS World can be subjected to change anytime, but for that, you may not be notified and the availability and the pricing of the services may vary from time to time. We will improve or match on prices anytime.

Our Awesome Features :

We are known in the country for offering fast, feature rich bulk SMS services anytime, anywhere at the very reasonable prices. You just need to purchase our Top-up   SMS, Web based computer program is always free for you. You can access it anytime, anywhere, we utilize the services of the fastest internet service providers in the country to ensure the fastest delivery of your SMS to your target audience. From sending, receiving to sending automated responses to the messages of your clients, we provide you with very user-friendly API’s.  Our API’s make the Application building task the matter of your left hand. We provide you with the sample files for almost all programming languages. For more details on this, contact +91-9696544446.

We also provide normal "1400" caller based voice service with full API functionality, see below for pricing.

  • Send Instant Voice Calls
  • API for integration
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Pay only for Answered Calls
  • Web based control panel
  • High throughput capacity
  • Databasic Support - Pincode wise

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While selecting an SMS marketing company, don’t select any random Bulk SMS service providers, because there are reports of certain fake companies operating in the market. They may offer you services at prices much below the standard of the Industry. But you need to know that they actually lay a trap to around you so that you purchase their services. But at the end, they have updated fake delivery reports just to convince you that the results of your SMS marketing campaign are effective and you strike more business deals with them. They just want to rob you of your money and there is no other motive of them. At times they promise you one Lakh SMS at a price of 5 paisa but in the end, they do not even deliver a half of the promised quota. So always stay away from such fake business in the market be it an SMS or some other company.

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