Opt-In SMS

As far as the Bulk SMS service providers are considered in India, the SMS World is a name that is famous for customizing the services according to the needs of the customers.  The SMS World provides a subscriber option to receive SMS from a particular community or entity. The SMS world sends a message to the subscriber and if he/she opts for the messages, and remember this solution is not meant for marketing purposes as it is sent just to the few particular numbers.

 This service can be opted by any company, individual or community in the country just with the purpose to send important updates. This SMS solution comes under the Transactional SMS Route Gateway.


What is Opt-in ?

 You can stop, subscribe through the SMS compulsory, it is a high priority Transactional SMS gateway, Alpha Numeric 6 characters Sender ID which is automatically assigned to the clients.  

On successful Opt-in, Member will receive a SMS as follows:
Thank you for the OPTIN request for OPTIN SMS service. To OPTOUT in the future, please send sms OPTOUT to 999****000

Community Opt-In SMS Features

Community Opt-In SMS Services can be used by any community or company or individual to send out important updates and this sms route will be treated as Transactional SMS Route Gateway.

  • Opt-in Option: Subscription through SMS compulsory.
  • Opt-out Option: Stop Services through SMS compulsory.
  • Delivery Time: 24×7 SMS Delivery.
  • DND Numbers: Delivered if subscribed.
  • Sender ID: Static Alpha Numeric 6 characters Sender ID.
  • Gateway Options: High Priority Transactional SMS Gateway.
  • Multiple Gateway: Automatically assigned to all clients.
  • Set up cost: Long code Charges applicable.